Designer Spotlight: Aud

Audrey Corrigan is the lead Jewellery Designer and Founder of Aud Design. Passionate and creative, Audrey puts consideration into each piece of jewellery she creates. 

Born and raised in Dublin, Audrey has always been drawn to art in many forms and has been exploring different mediums to express her creativity. While Audrey has always been attracted to the arts, she did not begin her career in Jewellery. Following her studies at the prestigious Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire Audrey worked for five years as a designer and makeup artist for film, TV and theatre. She learned the power of creativity and transformation.

She employed these creative skills when she turned to the world of jewellery. Audrey decided to continue her studies and following an intensive year of practical study, graduated with a distinction in Traditional Jewellery and Goldsmith Skills. 

“I signed up for a class to try something new, but from my first day at the School of Jewellery I was hooked!”

Throughout her studies, she learned the power of jewellery and how the right piece makes the wearer feel. She dreamed of creating her own pieces which made a subtle, yet powerful statement, and so Aud Design was born. The name comes from the nickname ‘Aud’ that Audrey’s dad always called her. She worked hard to create an exclusive collection of pieces that incorporate the power of nature and make a subtle statement to project to the world the inner artist in the wearer.

Audrey launched the first collections in October that same year in The Collective, Drury Street Dublin and showcased in the RDS Christmas Craft Fair. From this point, Aud Design has gone from strength to strength, building a community of Aud Design wearers. Listening to her customers she has built her range to include over three collections with 28 pieces. From ideation to creation, Audrey is involved in every aspect of getting the piece to the final wearer.

“I am so incredibly passionate about jewellery and it excites me what can be done with the craft. I hope you love your Aud piece just as much as I love making it.”

Silver Ring with 5mm width and frosted texture
9ct Gold Hoop Earrings with Stud backing
Sterling Silver necklace set with faceted moonstones

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