Designer Spotlight - Emer Roberts


This month we want to congradulate Emer Roberts on her award from DCCOI FOR Best Product in the Jewellery Category.


Emer Roberts Design is a uniquely sculptural luxury brand of original fine jewellery designs. 

An Irish visual artist and award winning jewellery designer, the two sides of the brand equally and independently express innovation and artistic imagination whilst catering for differing audiences. 


The jewellery brand launched in 2016 at Showcase Ireland where Emer won Best Product Award with her architectural and art deco inspired fine jewellery. Invited that same year to exhibit at International Jewellery London, one of Emer’s wearable art designs was shortlisted for the Editors Choice Award. Featured in British Vogue, Tatler UK, GQ mag,Vanity Fair and Irish Arts Review amongst others.


With an edgy and elegant aesthetic, her architectural designs reflect a streamlined and classic style with a contemporary and sculptural approach. 

The new ‘Wearable Biology’ Jewellery collection explores our fellow mammal, the rat. 

With an MFA in Sculpture, her aesthetic evolved with the animal through large scale sculpture, photography and mold making, the latter of which is a core component of her  creative practice. This enabled an organic transition from Fine Art to design.

Focus for this first wearable art collection is mainly upon the tail, elaborating upon its texture as though with fabric. Cast from the anatomy of this species from infancy to adulthood, these edgy and elegant pieces of original design open up unusual debate.

The rat tail is specifically proving an authentic texture which translates beautifully in jewellery. It is an elegant and interesting paradox and one aspect of the rat that is very unique. 


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