Gallardo & Blaine

When Maddy was a teenager she went travelling around Mexico. There she had an apprenticeship in silver smithing, as well as first hand experience in buying semi precious stones. This stone buying knowledge is still used today as we travel the world hand picking every stone we use. This ensures we are working with the highest quality materials, and get really unusual and rare stones. 

We design the jewellery around the stone, nothnig is more beautiful than the natural stones we use and we are really inspired by nature. You will see lots of vine like designs, as well as animals, flowers and leaves in our designs. 

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Etta Ring with Diamonds - The Collective Dublin
Etta Ring with Diamonds
Gallardo & Blaine
Scarlett Ring - The Collective Dublin
Scarlett Ring
Gallardo & Blaine
Etta Ring - The Collective Dublin
Etta Ring
Gallardo & Blaine
Juliana Ring - The Collective Dublin
Juliana Ring
Gallardo & Blaine
Bella Ring - The Collective Dublin
Bella Ring
Gallardo & Blaine