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Orelia London

Collette and Louisa, the creators of Orelia, met while working as Buyers in 2003.
Years later, in 2008, the pair were destined to cross paths again. Plans to create a jewellery brand that was aspirational,
yet affordable, took shape while on a buying trip to India, in beautiful Delhi.
“I love beautifully designed jewellery but could not afford it at the time, only for special occasions” says Collette, “Affordable jewellery always seemed to have a bright yellow tone, was overly chunky and usually fell apart. I just didn’t want to wear it.”

Orelia was born out of a need for beautiful, fashionable, wearable and affordable jewellery, made with a fine hand that was plated in beautiful tones, that looked like designer jewellery without the price tag. Pieces that you could wear every day, not only for special occasions and wear time and time again.

Orelia began in 2008, as a fashionable jewellery range sitting somewhere between high street and Designer brands.

 To create pieces for the Orelia collection, the starting point is the inspiration, this could come from a travel destination, from nature, from a colour or it may be from an occasion or event. A beautiful story board is created from this...

This develops into a unique colour palette with gorgeous semi-precious stones, Swarovski elements, specific plating colours, textures. If relevant for the story, charms are designed. Then from this inspiration, designs and hand-made styles are produced in house.

What began as one concession in Topshop, Oxford Circus, grew into a Boutique business with stockists globally and a successful online business...who knows where the future will take us!

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