Pistol & Peach

Pistol and Peach is a jewellery brand made up of designers Ryan and Theresa De Jager. Their brand was created in their Cape Town studio, in their native South Africa in 2013. In 2016  they relocated to the United Kingdom where they settled in Sheffield. Currently based in the newly established art collective of Trafalgar Studios in the heart if the cities ‘Division Quarter’


Contradictory but complementary elements come together and form something special in this contemporary jewellery range from the Sheffield based pair. The creative duo integrates the notion of yin yang into the creation of their pieces, which marry organic and emerging materials with traditional craftsmanship and newer technologies. They follow the simple design logic of clean and bold lines, which underpins the majority of their work while focusing on creating adornment for everyday wear.

‘‘We enjoy exploring the relationships and tensions that exist between opposing elements and the beautiful symmetry that occurs when these elements are paired together. This is what defines the pieces featured in our collections.” Creators Theresa De Jager & Ryan De Jager

All jewellery by Pistol & Peach is made by hand and materials are locally sourced in the United Kingdom.

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