Shannon McShane

Shannon is a silversmith/jeweller based in Belfast, Ireland. Since graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2011, Shannon has set up her own studio and business in Belfast city centre.  Shannon creates conceptual pieces for exhibition, ready to wear ranges and bespoke commissions. 


'My inspiration is drawn from the coast surrounding my home. I grew up in a large coastal town at the mouth of Belfast Lough. Along this part of the coast there is a hive of sea faring activity and stunning natural textures that influences my work.  


Within my practice I explore the notion of preciousness through the combination of precious metal and the ritual of collecting abandoned objects from along the shore surrounding where I live, mainly pieces of glass and shards of ceramics. These are manmade objects that have been discarded into the sea either by an unfortunate shipwreck or carelessly disposing of our unwanted items.  


My intention is to re-integrate these delicate fragments into everyday life after their abandonment at sea, to repurpose them. Using a combination of jewellery and silversmithing techniques, these forgotten fragments combined with their individual protective vessels become precious wearable forms.


These silver vessels echo the tones and textures of the shoreline contrasting the lighter tones of the ceramics and glass fragments.  The vessels emphasis my exploration of preciousness by housing the broken fragments inside. By protecting the fragments, a stronger connection is made to the piece creating a sense that this broken shard has value.


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