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The Silver Loom

The Silver Loom jewellery is inspired by the beauty of the everyday forms which surround us, blurring the lines between sculpture and jewellery. They are rooted in nostalgia and emotion while also responding with delicacy to the fluid forms and contours of the human body.

Precious metals have been fascinating people throughout history; continually building the traditions of craft and the mythologies around metals. Today, when we work with silver we are still inspired by its innate qualities and as designers, we are humbled to add to the rich and magic heritage of Irish silver. 

The intimate and tactile nature of jewellery became the ideal medium for exploring the forms and figurative lines that we are drawn to. The human form became at once the canvas and the inspiration for these sculptural jewellery pieces. Considering the fluid lines of the body the forms complement the movement and create crevices of deep shadow.

Our pieces strive to stand outside of the idea of a ‘season’ or a ‘trend’. Our interests lie in what Peter Zumthor described as ‘the magic of the real’, the emotive quality of a space that leads to an atmosphere. Our aspiration is to create a modern language of jewellery and sculpture which speaks to the form of the body, and the line of a shadow.

The Silver Loom is a collaboration between two distinct voices with backgrounds in fashion, architecture and furniture design. Throughout the years we have developed a creative language that we bring to the collections. We endeavour to distil a simplicity and balance in the final forms that engage beautifully with the wearer. By using various manipulations to create dynamic surfaces we aim to create contemporary jewellery that accentuates the natural elegance of the precious metal and the body it rests on.

All silver jewellery handcrafted with consideration and care by Izabella and Andrew in our studio in Ireland.

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