Creole Leaf Earrings Gold

Creole Leaf Earrings Gold

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Fine gold plated brass earrings,  inspired by nature and made in a workshop in Paris by Clément Djossou, a Master Craftsman of Art by the Ateliers d'Art de France.

The pieces  are assembled by welding to other elements or shaped or engraved, hammered, polished and  then dipped in  gold baths and, like a mille-feuille, the layers are applied by electrolysis. This is gilding with fine gold.

The pieces are protected with a fine varnish which will ensure their longevity.

Nickel Free


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Creole Leaf Earrings Gold adorned with small, detailed leaf motifs. Handmade in Paris by Lotta et Djossou, these gold-plated brass earrings are circular with a latch-back closure. The leaves are arranged in a pattern that gives the earrings a delicate and intricate appearance. The background is white.
Close-up of a person's ear wearing a Creole Leaf Earrings Gold by Lotta et Djossou, a gold-plated brass earring designed with a leaf pattern. The handmade in Paris earring stands out against the person's dark brown hair, and the background appears blurred.
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