Palms Pendant Earrings

Palms Pendant Earrings

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 These Earrings are made using paper that has been hand-painted with palm leaf designs. The pendant size is approx. 3.2 x 2.2cm on 2cm brass hoops. Due to the way these pieces are created, no two pieces will be alike making them totally unique!

All pieces are finished with a coat of resin making them splash-proof but please avoid prolonged contact with water.

Available in Green or Blue

Care Instructions:

  • Please treat all resin surfaces like you would glass and wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth.
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Introducing the Naoi Palms Pendant Earrings: A pair of green resin-coated earrings with a curved gold hook. The earrings feature a translucent, rectangular shape with rounded edges, decorated with a hand-painted palm leaf pattern in varying shades of green.
A pair of green, leaf-patterned, resin-coated Palms Pendant Earrings displayed on an orange package with the brand name "Naoi" in blue text. The earrings have a curved, rectangular shape and hang from thin, gold hooks.
Pair of green, resin-coated Palms Pendant Earrings by Naoi with intricate leaf patterns, displayed on a purple background alongside three additional pieces showing different angles. A small circular logo appears beneath the pieces.
A pair of blue and teal geometric resin-coated Palms Pendant Earrings displayed against a pink card with "Naoi" written on it in green. The earrings have a rectangular shape with rounded tops, featuring angular patterns.
Close-up of an ear wearing a dangling earring. The Naoi Palms Pendant Earrings feature a vibrant blue, smooth, triangular-shaped charm attached to a thin, dark metal hoop. The piece stands out against the skin tone, highlighting its vivid color and unique design.
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