Designer Spotlight: Alexandra Rae

Alexandra Rae Jewellery is handmade and designed by founder, Alexandra within her Dublin based studio. The jewellery is made of recycled 925 sterling silver with the option of a thick layer of 18 carat hard gold plating as well as solid gold by special order. The entire process of creating each piece is made from start to finish in Ireland with care and with high vibrational intentions.


Alexandra Rae is a brand rooted in intentionality. The brand’s mission is to create beautiful, small batch and sustainable jewellery that is inspired by the sovereignty within us all. It’s a celebration of the belief that we are all special and divine in our own unique ways and to remind wearers of Alexandra Rae Jewellery of the Creator within. The vision for Alexandra Rae is to continuously develop the collections to have a wide range of empowering designs whilst continuing to have a personal and unique handcrafted finish. Alexandra is forever improving her skills while ensuring all jewellery retains powerful and intentional meanings.



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