Karma Wheel Necklace Silver

Karma Wheel Necklace Silver

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The Karma Wheel necklace... inspired by the spinning prayer wheels of Buddhist Tibet. They symbolise protection and blessings, and date back over 2000 years! I like the idea of having your own little talisman that you can play with or spin when you feel anxious. My modern day versions feature my signature hexagons. My sister and I went on an epic trip to India in 2013, and at a monastery in the north we spun prayer wheels by hand to accumulate wisdom and good karma, and purify bad karma. This is where I first encountered them, and this is where the seeds for this idea were planted.

Materials: Sterling silver on a sterling silver chain 18 inches.

Size: 13mm x 8mm

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A close-up image of a sterling silver necklace featuring a cylindrical pendant with a textured hexagonal pattern, reminiscent of the Karma Wheel Necklace Silver by Andrea Mears Jewellery. The pendant is hanging on a thin, twisted silver chain. The background is plain white, highlighting the necklace's intricate design.
A person wearing a delicate Andrea Mears Jewellery Karma Wheel Necklace Silver featuring a small, cylindrical pendant. The person is dressed in a black, deep V-neck top. (Black and white image).
Two jewelry boxes branded "Andrea Mears Jewellery" are on a marble surface. The larger box is open, its lid leaning against it, revealing information cards inside. These cards describe various sterling silver pieces, including the Karma Wheel Necklace Silver inspired by Buddhist Tibet and "The Queen Bee.
Close-up of a person wearing delicate gold jewelry, including a bracelet with a cylindrical charm, an Andrea Mears Jewellery Karma Wheel Necklace Silver with a small circular charm, and another necklace with a cylindrical charm, all set against a neutral background and glittery fabric.
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