Designer Spotlight: Andrea Mears

Growing up in the captivating landscapes of Ballina Co. Mayo, in the west of Ireland, craftsmanship became an integral part of Andrea Mears life while growing up.
Inspiration springs forth from Andrea's travels, especially encounters with ancient symbols, cultural practices, and historic myths. These fascinating elements find expression through Andrea’s designs, transforming old ideas into modern talismans—each one unique and beautiful.
Andrea believes in magic residing beneath the surface of everyday moments. Drawing on the distant, nostalgic hues of childhood, Andrea Mears pieces further enact these magical feelings. 
Exploring wood, wire, beads, polymer clay, Andrea has continued to evolve her craft to create stunning family heirloom enjoyed by many customers of The Collective.
Get ahead of the trend and browse below, a beautiful selection of silver necklaces that are perfect for stacking available to purchase online and in-store.
Karma Wheel Andrea Mears
Athen Coin Necklace Silver Andrea Mears
Irish Rose Necklace Andrea Mears Silver

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