Designer Spotlight: Beira by Irene Reyes

Beira is a collection of contemporary art glass jewellery by Spanish designer Irene Reyes.

Glass jewellery is like wearing a piece of the rainbow on your body. Shiny and translucent it catches the light in the most mesmerising way. The colours in Beira’s jewellery collection are so vibrant and vivid, they take you straight to the Spanish landscape where Irene’s inspiration comes from.

"The beautiful nature that surrounds us in the South of Spain inspires our work. The abstraction of the organic converted into a minimalist imagery, where colours explode and create sensations for who owns our jewels. We use glass by way of letters to build virtual poetry which becomes objects of desire. The contemporary nature of glass as a material gets us excited and the sensations that give it its colour spectrum are almost addictive. "

To shop Beira’s full collection, visit us in store and online at The Collective Dublin.


Beira by Irene Reyes

Soulbottle Straight Recycled Glass Earrings



Beira by Irene Reyes

Soul Bottle Long Circle Earrings



Beira by Irene Reyes

Geo Translucent Studs


Earrings made from recycled bottle glass, matte finish, and on a 925 silver base, plated in 18 carat gold. Handmade by Irene Reyes in her workshop in Spain.


Beira by Irene Reyes

Geo Translucent Matt Gold Pendant


GEO Pendant, hand-carved Bullseye glass in geometric shape and matte finish, Each piece is unique, on a silver base bathed in gold of 18kt and on an adjustable 16" to 18" gold plated silver chain.


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