Designer Spotlight: Elsiem

Lorraine Hitt is the designer and creator of Elsiem Jewellery, whose designs are inspired by modern architectural and sculptural forms. Stylishly combining new technology with handmade techniques, her style is simple and bold with an edge.

“I am inspired by my love of simple  architectural & sculptural forms, incorporating functionality & practicality.”

During more than 30 years’ experience within the Design industry, Lorraine has  done a lot of experimentation with the design process.  She uses a  material called Selective Laser Sintering Nylon that is 3D Printed from CAD designs. The 3D prints are dyed with a fabric dye, they are then adorned with metal elements. Lorraine is always learning and evolving techniques and materials to keep her work fresh and innovative.

“At Elsiem Jewellery I only use good quality materials and am conscious of allergies or skin reaction concerns, so my product listing will always detail the type of metal or material used for each individual piece.”

Lorraine is based in Cambridge, UK.

To shop Elsiem jewellery, visit us online or in store at The Collective, 24 Drury Street, Dublin.

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