Designer Spotlight: Ogham Treasure

Katie McCay designs and creates meaningful jewellery inspired by Ireland's ancient past, in particular Ogham script, the first written form of Gaelic.

Love (Grá) Rustic Earrings €130,00


This unique writing is found carved on stone in many parts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Ogham writing first appeared around 400 AD as a secret means of communication in early Christian Ireland. It is a linear script consisting of 20 characters.

Happiness (Sonas) Earrings €130,00

Katie's interest in ancient Irish metalworking began when she studied Celtic Archaeology at the National University of Ireland Galway.

Love (Grá) Rustic Earrings €130,00

Katie mainly uses sterling silver wire to create words that have special meaning in this secret and ancient Celtic writing. Each Piece is created using traditional and modern jewellery making techniques and lovingly hand finished in Athlone ,Co Westmeath in Ireland's Hidden Heartlands.

Each piece of Ogham Treasure comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

They are light and comfortable to wear and designed and made in Ireland.

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