Designer Spotlight: Sara Gunn

Sara Gunn creates bold and distinctive fashion jewellery in leather and metals. Rich textures adorn elegant, curvaceous leather cuffs and angular rings alike.

Sara's belief that jewellery should be as individual as the wearer has led her to explore organic processes such as acid etching, which enable a high degree of variation.

Sources of inspiration range from the urban landscape and gritty London streets to microscopic details within the body. Each piece of jewellery is hand made by Sara in her London workshop in limited production runs, many pieces are one-off. Sara aims to create unique, covetable pieces that are a pleasure to wear.

Sara works from her studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn where she has been based since winning the 2013 Cockpit Arts Clear Insurance Award.

To see Sara's full collection, visit us online or drop in store to The Collective, 24 Drury St, Dublin 2.

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