Hoop Earrings To Buy Now

We recently ran a poll asking for your payday requests. Your answer: Hoop earrings. 

So here it is, your ultimate hoop earrings edit at The Collective. 

Our go-to-gal for stellar hoop earrings right now has to be Audrey Corrigan, the designer behind Aud Jewellery Design. 

Audrey’s At Piece collection includes hoop earrings and is inspired by the beautiful rock formations found on Ireland’s Hook Head in Co. Wexford and the wonderful quartz discovered beneath them. The subtle sparkle in each of these hoop earrings depicts the incredible structures found on the rocks. 

When talking about the inspiration behind the collection, Audrey said, “I have always been drawn to the sea. The Hook Lighthouse has become a magical place for me to travel to with friends and family to share that sense of peace in a world filled with intensity.”

Shop all Aud pieces here. 

Large Oval Hoops, 9K Gold, €720

Large Oval Hoops, Silver, €135

Medium Hoops, 9K Gold, €475

Medium Hoops, Silver, €195

Small Hoops, 9K Gold, €350



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