Meet Our Dublin Designers: Crafting Beauty in the Heart of the City

Today, we're shining a spotlight on some incredible Dublin-based designers  whose stunning creations have found a home in our jewellery shop. These talented folks draw inspiration from the heart of Dublin, crafting jewellery that blend tradition and innovation seamlessly. From contemporary chic to timeless elegance, their work is a true testament to Dublin's creative spirit. Join us as we explore these unique designs and get to know the brilliant minds behind them.


Cosmic Boulevard - Crafted by Sinéad Murphy 💍 Sinéad Murphy, the creative force behind Cosmic Boulevard, combines ancient techniques with modern artistry. Her jewellery pieces, often inspired by rainbows, opals, and the cosmos, tell unique stories. Sinéad's commitment to ethical sourcing and craftsmanship results in stunning, one-of-a-kind jewellery that's accessible to all.

Grace Minnock - A Commitment to Sustainability 💍 Grace Minnock, a recent NCAD graduate, is on a mission to create jewellery that lasts generations. Her sterling silver creations, adorned with pearls and gold plating, embody timeless elegance and sustainability. Grace's work exemplifies the beauty of longevity.
Audrey Corrigan - Inspired by the Irish Landscape 💍 Audrey Corrigan, a Dublin native with a background in makeup artistry, now crafts exquisite jewellery inspired by the beauty of the Irish landscape and skies. Her 'Midnight' collection, inspired by looking up at the night sky, brings a piece of mystical wonder to your everyday wear.
Aria-V - Nature's Beauty in Every Piece 💍 Varya Namsaraeva, the creative force behind Aria-V Jewellery, draws inspiration from nature and world cultures. Her pieces, featuring semi-precious stones, metals, and crystals, create a harmonious blend of textures and colours that make a statement.
Filip Vanas - Architectural Elegance Meets Simplicity 💍 Filip Vanas, an architect turned jewellery designer, combines simple shapes with vivid colours. His designs exude beauty through pure geometrical forms and unusual materials.  Aluminium Pendant is a testament to his unique style.
Gallardo & Blaine - Artistic Nature-Inspired Elegance 💍

Discover the beauty of nature and artistry in every hand-picked stone, the elegant fusion of silver and gold, and  the intricate creatures that adorn their designs. Each piece is a wearable masterpiece, destined to become a favourite piece for years to come.

Explore the diverse creations of these talented Dublin designers and bring a piece of our vibrant city into your everyday life. Your support not only celebrates local artistry but also ensures the longevity of these exceptional pieces.

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