The 90s Jewellery Trends Making a Comeback

This week marks a major milestone for those of us who grew up in the 90s and early noughties. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the closing credits hit our screens and collectively, broke all our hearts as the end of an era. We’re talking about the highly anticipated Friends reunion, or course. 

And, clearly pop culture fanatics aren’t the only ones getting nostalgic about 90s icons as reflected in current fashion trends. The 90s have been in the midst of a sartorial revival for a while now but with the Friends reunion finally within reach, we’ve been busy pinning their style hits to our fashion mood boards. 

Often overlooked but equally as ionic is the jewellery and accessory pieces that really define core 90s friends. So to mark the show finally returning to our screens for the reunion, we’ve pulled together a round-up at some of the 90s jewellery trends our favourite group at Friends rocked during their best fashion moments. 

Choker Necklaces

The choker has been making moves on the trends list over the last few years now. The key is keeping it dainty and delicate. Dare to layer with gold chains or florals for bonus points. 






Towards the latter end of the 90s and into the early 2000s, pearls were really having a moment. Here they are again over 20 years later, possibly due to Vice President Kamala Harris’s signature necklace. Either way, they’re officially chic again.




We knew something was up when all our butterfly, dragonfly and bee inspired pieces were flying off the shelves over the last few months. Little did we know it was not only part of the transition to spring fashion but some sort of time machine transition right back to the 90s too.

Taking their cue from the cute hairclips and necklaces of the 90s this time around the trend is about adding understated butterfly accents to your jewellery game to avoid looking like dress up. 






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