The Hidden Meaning Behind These 5 Miriam Wade Pieces


For Miriam Wade, it was her love of creating three-dimensional sculptural pieces as a child that sparked her interest in studying jewellery and metal work at NCAD but when the time came to design her first collection in 2014, Miriam’s designs were inspired by historical landscapes.

Her collection has since expanded and her silver and gold ranges are now designed based on the connections we make with people in life, the close bonds we form with people and our environment around us.

The joy of this for you, the customer, is that each piece has an individual, unique meaning and so you get to build a collection steeped in sentimentality or gift a loved one a piece they’ll treasure forever because it means something special to them.

Here’s a peek at some of the hidden meanings in Miriam Wade’s collections. 

Le Cheile Silver Linked Earrings

These linked earrings beautifully symbolise the close relationship a person has with a special person. The link represents a bond that’s so special and strong that nothing could break it. 

Sterling Silver Flow Long Earrings

These stunning earrings are inspired by the ripples caused by the movement of water. Miriam recalls how she spent many sunny days playing by the shore of Lough Ennell as a child. It was the patterns in the water that inspired her to create these earrings. The intricate detail mimics the ever changing ripples in the water as they form these beautiful patterns. 

Skyline Gold Looking Glass Pendant

This geometric, circular pendant is inspired by the silhouetted cities and their landscapes that, once so foreign to many of us, have now become a symbol of a fresh start to all who have moved away from home.


Long Triangle Flare Earrings

Symbolic of the different relationships we develop throughout our lives, each point of every triangle within these earrings represents an individual relationship and how connections grow and expand throughout our life. 

Fusion Ring Silver

A nod to Dublin’s historic architecture, this brightly polished ring is inspired by the brick structure of the Georgian buildings within the city. Each segment of the ring represents the pattern of this brick structure with each one perfectly in line with the next. 

There’s more magic to every piece of jewellery than meets the eye, especially when Miriam Wade is involved. 

All Miriam Wade pieces are Irish hallmark guaranteed.

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