The Only Jewellery You Need for Holidays

Hey there, fellow travellers!

Trying to decide what jewellery to pack on holidays is never easy. We want pieces that are light, easy to pack, pieces that will go with multiple out fits and above all else, we want pieces that will wow in the summer sun.  

So, let us help you take the hassle out of jewellery packing, here is our guide to the essential jewellery pieces you need for your upcoming getaway.

5 Essential Jewellery Pieces that will elevate your Holiday Style:

  1. Dainty necklace: Add elegance without overpowering your outfit on casual beach days.
  2. Statement necklace: Turn heads and exude confidence when you hit the town.
  3. Statement earrings: Let your earrings steal the show during glamorous dinners or nights of dancing.
  4. Sun-themed earrings: Embrace sunny vibes with whimsical earrings that bring a burst of sunshine wherever you go.
  5. Trusty bracelet: Versatile and glamorous, it complements any outfit and adds a finishing touch.

 Shop these pieces from our collection that we think will tick all the right boxes:

Jennifer Kinnear
Sea Urchin Necklace with stone


Caroline Stokesberry-Lee


Aria V


Angela O'Keefe


Aria V


As you embark on your holiday, don't forget the power of jewellery to transform your look and enhance your holiday memories. Whether it's a dainty necklace for a laid-back beach day or a statement earring to make a glamorous entrance, these carefully chosen pieces will add that extra sparkle to your outfits. So, grab your suitcase and get ready to shine wherever your wanderlust takes you!

To shop all our featured pieces, shop in store or online @The Collective.

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