Queen Bee Necklace Gold

Queen Bee Necklace Gold

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The queen bee necklace is based on an ancient Greek coin from Ephesus, Ionia from 300BC. The honey bee was a powerful symbol in ancient Greece, and a very important to Ephesus. She was associated with Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, wild nature and protector of women.

The bee is also a symbol of rebirth, good luck and prosperity since ancient times. In Celtic myths, bees were regarded as beings of great wisdom and also as spirit messengers between worlds. Their honey was treated as a magical substance and used in many rituals. When made into mead it was considered to have prophetic powers and was called 'the nectar of the gods'. The bee is said to represent healing through the properties of honey.

This little bee coin necklace is imbued with so much protection and positivity. Wear to feel grounded and powerful.

18ct hard gold plated sterling silver 10 mm diameter coin on a 16 or 18inch gold filled chain.

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The Queen Bee Necklace Gold by Andrea Mears Jewellery features a circular pendant adorned with a detailed, embossed image of a bee. The pendant hangs from a fine, gold chain, reminiscent of an ancient Greek coin. The craftsmanship highlights intricate textures on the bee's wings and body.
A woman wearing a sleeveless top showcases gold jewelry, including the Queen Bee Necklace Gold by Andrea Mears Jewellery, a bracelet, and earrings, each featuring a delicate coin pendant with a floral design reminiscent of an ancient Greek coin. The image focuses on her face, neck, and shoulder, emphasizing the elegant jewelry.
A Queen Bee Necklace Gold from Andrea Mears Jewellery, inspired by an ancient Greek coin, lies on a marble surface next to a card titled "The Queen Bee." The card explains the talisman’s meaning: a power necklace symbolizing rebirth, luck, prosperity, wisdom, protection of women, and honey’s healing properties.
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