Orion Ring

Orion Ring

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 The Orion Ring is our newest ultimate chunky rings. Known for our bold rings, this style is our boldest yet. As with our whole collection the Orion Ring strikes the balance between chunky and feminine.

Formed of a thick gold band with colour pop front. The two stunning colours they come in are Crystal Clear and Emerald Green.

Mix and match to stack for ultimate chunky effect.

Metal is 20 carat gold on sterling silver. All jewellery is hypoallergenic.

All jewellery comes boxed with care cards.

Small 15.9mm 5.5
Medium 17.5mm 7.5
Large 18.7mm 8.6
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The Shyla Orion Ring is a gold ring featuring a wide, smooth band with a vibrant green enamel coating on the top half. The chunky ring's green section has a slightly domed, glossy finish, contrasting with the shiny gold on the inner part of the band. Perfectly hypoallergenic jewellery for sensitive skin.
A polished, golden-yellow translucent ring with a smooth, curved outer surface and a glossy finish is shown on a white background with a slight shadow beneath it. This chunky Orion Ring from Shyla is part of our hypoallergenic jewellery collection, perfect for those seeking style without compromise.
A gold ring with a wide band and a smooth, white inlay encircling its center. The Shyla Orion Ring is designed with a polished finish, and its reflective surface captures light, enhancing its shiny appearance. This stunning piece of hypoallergenic jewelry is displayed on a white background.
A close-up photo of three chunky Orion Rings by Shyla with gold-colored bases and different enamel inlays. The hypoallergenic jewelry features inlays in white, yellow, and green, and is arranged side by side on a crumpled, light-colored background.
A hand wearing three chunky rings on the index finger: one in silver, one in gold, and one in copper. The hand rests on a white surface with a textured beige object in the background. The warm lighting highlights the metallic finish of these Orion Rings by Shyla.
Close-up of a hand with two chunky rings on the middle finger. One gold band boasts a green stone, while the other features an amber stone. Both stones are shaped like smooth, rounded cabochons. This Orion Ring by Shyla is beautifully illuminated by natural sunlight.
A person wearing a sleeveless brown top and beige bottoms shows their hand adorned with three chunky rings: a thick gold band, a delicate chain design, and one featuring an orange stone. Their hand is closed in a fist, with the hypoallergenic Shyla Orion Ring prominently displayed.
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