Groomsmen Gift Ideas

It’s a tradition for the Bride and Groom to gift their Groomsmen a little something on the big day as a thank you for the time and energy they have put in and for being a part of the wedding party. Groomsmen duties may involve planning the stag party, alongside the Best Man, ensuring the day runs smoothly and possibly even helping the Ushers greet the guests and hand out confetti.


What Is A Good Groomsmen Gift?

Groomsmen gift ideas could be personal grooming presents such as our handmade cement shave bowl, or solid brass razor, or better still if just for the best man the whole grooming gift set, as something useful, is always a good idea!


Alternatively, chocolate always goes down well, although this may not last long! Start by thinking about what your Groomsmen may like for a gift and what reminds you of them. You may wish to gift some cuff-links or a lapel pin to wear on the wedding day as part of their outfit. These finer details always make an impact and the best part is they will be able to enjoy again and again, while having a memento of good times had together!


handmade Irish Designer sterling silver cufflinks Groomsmen Gift idea


At The Collective, we have a range of fantastic Groomsmen gift ideas for you to browse in store or on our website today. For example, you can pick a up a grooming product or opt for a stylish lapel pin or a brass bottle opener for a reasonable price.


Irish Handmade Designer gold lapel pin groomsmen gift idea


How Much Should You Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Groomsmen and Best Man Gifts can often add up, especially if you have several members of the male wedding party. It’s recommendable to set a rough idea of the budget to help narrow down your Groomsmen gift search.

The price of a gift will depend on what you ultimately settle on. For example, you can pick up a hip flask for a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for a unique gift, we have stunning products in store and online for you to consider. Unique Groomsmen gift ideas could be based on some of the memories you share or perhaps an inside joke. You’ll also find that a unique groomsmen gift will be something they keep much longer.

The best Groomsmen gifts are more than just a thank you, they are also something to remember the wedding day by.

Here at The Collective, our prices start from as low as €9,50 for some No 7. Cedarwood, Donegal Seaweed, Horsetail Herb shaving soap and up to €150,00 for a stunning pair of Affinor wrap around cufflinks, with plenty to choose from in between.

Irish Handmade Shaving soap


Do Groomsmen Give Gifts To The Groom?

 It is unusual for the Groomsmen to give the Groom a gift unless it’s comical and stag related! Although, you may receive a Wedding Gift if your Groomsmen are feeling generous. Essentially, your Groomsmen are giving the gift of their time by being a part of the wedding party and making your wedding day as memorable as possible - which is why it can be a nice touch to give them a gift.


When Do You Give The Groomsmen Gifts 

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you when you choose to give the gift. You may wish to do so when you first ask the Groomsmen to be a part of the wedding party, pre-thanking them for their efforts. Alternatively, you could give them it the morning of the wedding or during the speeches. If the Best Man and Groomsmen gift is something they will wear on the day, then it best to give it to them a few days previous, or on the morning of the wedding.

 Handmade designer Irish gold tie clip for groommen gift


Who Else Receives A Gift?

While you’re in the gift-buying mindset, it’s also tradition for brides to give grooms gifts the morning of the wedding and vice versa. You may also wish to gift your Bridesmaids, the Parents of the happy couple and anyone else who made the day extra special. Primarily, it’s the wedding party who receives a gift and usually grandparents if we are lucky enough to have them present.


Don’t forget that on the wedding day you will have a lot going on and plenty to remember so perhaps loop another member of the wedding party, such as your Best Man, in on the gift-giving duties.