Lenny post & drop earrings

Lenny post & drop earrings

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Primary Colors is retro-futuristic line globally influenced by Russian and Soviet Avant-Garde at The Great Utopia era. Most popular in museum shops in Mondrian's Color Palette. Also in Black & Gold.

Lenny graphic post & drop earrings with asymmetric pattern.

All Acrylic elements are hand-polished with a special attention to every single detail. All earring’s posts are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.

Material high-quality glossy & matt finish Acrylic
sterling silver 925
Dimensions h. 6,5 cm / 2 ½"
w. 0.6 cm / ¼''
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An image of a pair of rectangular, handcrafted in Paris Lenny post & drop earrings by Alex + Svet. Each earring consists of two segments – a smaller top piece and a longer bottom piece. Both segments are divided diagonally into black and yellow sections, forming a striking geometric design. The earrings hang vertically.
A pair of rectangular drop earrings with a modern design, handcrafted in Paris. Each earring features red and black geometric patterns divided diagonally. The upper half has a small rectangle joined to a longer strip by a metal ring, creating stylish Sterling Silver Lenny post & drop earrings by Alex + Svet with retro-futuristic flair.
A set of three rectangular-shaped, Sterling Silver Lenny post & drop earrings by Alex + Svet on a white background. The closest pair is red with black accents, while the other two pairs in the background are yellow with black and blue with black. Handcrafted in Paris, all three pairs showcase a glossy, retro-futuristic aesthetic.
A pair of modern, abstract Alex + Svet Lenny post & drop earrings featuring a vertical design with alternating black and white geometric sections. The earrings have a sleek and minimalist appearance, hanging from a simple attachment at the top on a white background, exuding a retro-futuristic jewelry vibe.
A pair of Lenny post & drop earrings from Alex + Svet, handcrafted in Paris. The design features a combination of blue, black, and white color blocks for a stylish and contemporary look. Likely made of lightweight material, these retro-futuristic jewelry pieces are sure to impress.
A pair of rectangular Alex + Svet Lenny post & drop earrings featuring geometric patterns in red and black, each with a small metallic loop at the top for attachment. Handcrafted in Paris, the design includes a diagonal division of colors, creating a striking retro-futuristic visual effect. Displayed against a white background.
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