Grace O'Malley Medallion Small

Grace O'Malley Medallion Small

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This medallion is a depiction of the famous meeting between Granuaile and Queen Elizabeth I. When Grace sailed to England and demanded a meeting with the Queen, they spoke in Latin (their common language) in front of the fire and it was said that they hit it off and realised they had a lot in common.

Available in  Silver, Oxidized Silver & Gold Plated Silver 

 Small = 20mm medallion with an adjustable 22" to 24" chain


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A Grace O'Malley Medallion Small hangs from a matching gold chain. This Latin historical jewelry piece by Jennifer Kinnear features intricate engravings, including a central shield and two figures on either side. Text near the top reads "GRANUAILE" and near the bottom, it reads "IRE DIAHIT OIDHIRA TEORANN.
A person wearing a white knitted sweater displays gold jewelry, including a chunky ring with an intricate design and a matching gold necklace with a circular Grace O'Malley Medallion Small by Jennifer Kinnear. The background shows lush green trees.
A woman with long blonde hair in a ponytail stands against a stone wall. She is wearing an off-the-shoulder taupe top, a gold necklace with a Jennifer Kinnear Grace O'Malley Medallion Small, and a matching ring. She gazes to her right with a thoughtful expression.
A Jennifer Kinnear Grace O'Malley Medallion Small featuring a round pendant reminiscent of Latin historical jewelry. The pendant is inscribed with the phrase, "Every woman should have a little bit of Paris in her heart," along its edge. The chain is textured with a twisted rope design, set against a plain white background.
A gold necklace with a round pendant featuring an intricate engraved design and text. The chain has a lobster clasp and an additional small tag near the clasp. This piece is reminiscent of Latin historical jewelry, adding a touch of timeless elegance. The Jennifer Kinnear Grace O'Malley Medallion Small exudes sophistication and heritage.
A silver pendant necklace featuring an intricately designed Grace O'Malley Medallion Small by Jennifer Kinnear with figures and symbols. The medallion, embossed with Latin historical text, hangs elegantly from a thick, twisted chain.
A silver necklace with a circular pendant featuring a detailed coat of arms design. The pendant, resembling historical Latin jewelry, has embossed text that appears to read "GRANVILLE UNITED FC" around the top and bottom edges. The chain is a twisted, rope-style design. This is the Grace O'Malley Medallion Small by Jennifer Kinnear.
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