Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks

Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks

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‘Affinor’ cuff links wrap around the edge of shirt’s cuff.

This is achieved with an innovative concept of a two part cuff link. The silver part in a shape of letter H goes through the button holes first. The aluminium U shaped part then clicks on to keep it in place and to provide the visual effect. Simple & effective, just as a good design should be.

Sterling silver, anodized aluminium

Dimensions: 15 x 28 x 18 mm

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A pair of modern, U-shaped metal desk cable organizers in a copper finish. Each organizer features a silver horizontal bar similar to sterling silver anodized aluminium that secures cables in place, combining functionality with a sleek, minimalist design reminiscent of innovative Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas.
Two blue and silver Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas are shown. The rectangular cufflinks, open at one side, feature curved tops. Each has a sterling silver anodized aluminium accent bar near the top and a smaller one near the bottom, giving them a modern and sleek design akin to innovative cuff links.
Two red rectangular Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas made of anodized aluminum with smooth, polished surfaces. Each cufflink has a sterling silver accent bar running across the top, forming a modern and sleek design reminiscent of innovative napkin holders. The cufflinks are placed side by side, one standing upright and the other lying down.
Two Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas with a modern, sleek design made from sterling silver anodized aluminum. Each cufflink has a U-shaped structure with a small bar across the top to secure cables in place. The one on the left is standing upright, while the one on the right is lying on its side.
Three pieces of modern, minimalist metal jewelry. The first piece is a blue, curved band with a flat sterling silver top. The second piece is a similar blue band with a precise cutout made from anodized aluminium. The third piece is a simple, silver T-shaped pin reminiscent of innovative cuff links: the Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas.
A chart displays various aluminium colours, each represented by a curved band. From top left to bottom right: wine red, deep blue, orange, purple, yellow-green, turquoise, hot pink, jet black, light copper, champagne, charcoal grey and mint green. These hues inspire our innovative sterling silver anodized aluminium Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas.
Close-up of a wrist wearing a light pink dress shirt with an innovative cuff link featuring dark gray and silver sterling silver anodized aluminum. The cufflink is attached to the subtly textured diagonal fabric, highlighting part of the elegant Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks collection by Filip Vanas on the visible cuff and sleeve.
Close-up of a person wearing a light pink dress shirt with Affinor Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas securing the cuff. The attire is formal and neatly pressed. The background appears blurred and indistinct, likely an indoor setting.
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