Athena Coin Necklace Gold

Athena Coin Necklace Gold

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Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strength, and also craft and warfare. So a busy woman then. There’s so much imagination and inspiration in Ancient Greek myths, especially if you’re a bit of a day dreamer like myself.

This pendant is double sided, one side of this coin is her sacred animal the owl, the symbol of wisdom and the other is Athena's profile. This coin necklace is loaded with symbolism and a little bit of magic. Wear to feel powerful.

Gold plated: 18ct hard gold plated sterling silver 11 mm disc on an 18 inch gold filled chain.

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The Athena Coin Necklace Gold by Andrea Mears Jewellery is a gold-plated chain necklace with a round pendant featuring an embossed design. The pendant depicts an ancient Athena coin, showcasing intricate detailing around the edges. The chain has oval links, and the overall design has a vintage aesthetic rich in symbolism.
A gold plated necklace with a pendant featuring an engraved owl and some Greek letters. The round, slightly irregular pendant mimics an Athena Coin Necklace Gold by Andrea Mears Jewellery, giving it a vintage look and rich symbolism as it hangs from a delicate gold chain.
A woman with short brown hair and a subtle smile wears matching gold-plated jewelry, including a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring, each featuring a similar coin-like design. Leaning her head against one hand and looking directly at the camera, she exudes symbolism reminiscent of an Athena Coin Necklace Gold by Andrea Mears Jewellery.
A gold-plated necklace with a coin pendant depicting Athena is placed on a marble surface alongside a card. The card reads: "Athena Goddess. Inspired by an ancient Greek coin featuring the goddess Athena, this is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and courage... Introducing the 'Athena Coin Necklace Gold' by Andrea Mears Jewellery.
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