Aurora Stud Earrings

Aurora Stud Earrings

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These Earrings are made using paper that has been hand-painted in blue, green and pink metallic colours with a hint of gold. The studs are approx. 2cm in size with stainless steel earring posts.

Due to the way these pieces are created, no two pieces will be alike making them totally unique! The earrings are finished with a coat of resin to strengthen them and to make them splash-proof but please avoid wearing them in the shower or while swimming. 

Care Instructions: Please avoid prolonged exposure to direct daylight as this could cause fading of colours over time. Please treat all resin surfaces like you would glass and wipe clean with a damp microfibre cloth.

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Two small, glossy, irregularly-shaped stones with a polished finish. Each stone features a vibrant, abstract mix of green, pink, orange, and purple colors. These unique "Aurora Stud Earrings" by Naoi are set against a plain white background.
A collection of colorful, unique resin earrings arranged on a split background of pastel blue and pink with a thin green strip in between. These abstractly painted pieces feature hues of green, gold, pink, and blue are the Aurora Stud Earrings by Naoi.
A small, smooth, irregularly shaped stone featuring vibrant colors. The main body of the stone has a glittery lime green hue, while a section at the top displays a pink and orange gradient. This unique Naoi Aurora Stud Earring has a glossy, reflective surface that adds flair to any look.
Close-up of a person wearing Naoi's Aurora Stud Earrings with iridescent green and blue hues on their left ear. The shiny, cubic-like shape stands out against the person's skin, anchored by stainless steel earring posts. The background is softly blurred, focusing on the striking earrings.
Two drops of water on a piece of Naoi Aurora Stud Earrings.
A pair of iridescent, asymmetrical, hand-painted Aurora Stud Earrings by Naoi in shades of green, blue, and black are displayed on a pink card with a green logo in the bottom center. The background is a gradient of light blue to pink.
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