Carran Chain Necklace

Carran Chain Necklace

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Sterling silver texture chain necklace.

Carran- named after the beautiful Slieve Carran, Burren,Co.Clare

Hand forged and rolled textured organic  links.

Every link different- no two the same.

3-3.5cm length.

Matching Carran earrings also available.

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A delicate Carran Chain Necklace by Lynsey de Burca featuring a chain interwoven through a series of linked hollow circles, crafted from a metallic material. The circles are arranged in a horizontal line and gradually change in size. The textured chain has a twisted texture.
A Lynsey de Burca Carran Chain Necklace with a central design of interlocked rings displayed on a dark, textured background.
Close-up of a person with short, straight red hair, wearing a black top and a sterling silver Carran Chain Necklace by Lynsey de Burca with a design of interconnected circles. The person's face is partially visible, turned slightly to the right.
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