Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings

Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings

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Aluminium and silver drop earrings with stud fitting

Short drop earrings made from sterling silver and anodised aluminium.
Stud fitting with a silver scroll.

Simple & elegant. These drops are so easy to wear. Not at all dangly thanks to the solid silver bar and stud fitting. Thanks to the aluminium light weight they are very gentle to your ear lobes.

Length: 32 mm

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A pair of Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings by Filip Vanas featuring sleek sterling silver posts with anodised aluminium blue accent pieces at the ends. The earrings have simple butterfly backings, exuding a minimalist and contemporary design.
Close-up of a person wearing a modern, minimalist earring. The piece features anodised aluminium in a small, straight, cylindrical red form attached to a thin, sterling silver post, perfectly complementing the individual's short, dark hair. These are the Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings by Filip Vanas. The background is blurred with hints of decor.
A pair of red and white Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings by Filip Vanas are positioned against a white background. The anodised aluminium earrings have a cylindrical body with a red grip and a white clamping mechanism at the tip.
A pair of modern red and silver geometric drop earrings. These Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings by Filip Vanas feature cylindrical red anodised aluminium segments attached to thin, straight sterling silver stems, creating a sleek and minimalist design. The earrings are shown on a plain white background.
Image displaying twelve different anodised aluminium color strips arranged in a grid. From left to right and top to bottom: wine red, deep blue, orange, purple, yellow-green, turquoise, hot pink, jet black, light copper, champagne, charcoal grey, mint green. Product Name: Cylinder Drop Stud Earrings. Brand Name: Filip Vanas.
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