Keops 3 Part Silver & Gold Pendant

Keops 3 Part Silver & Gold Pendant

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The Keops collection is handmade  by Mar Cucurella in her studio in Barcelona .  This pendant is made of 3 triangles from  matt and  oxidized silver and 18ct matt gold. 

Details: 42cm stainless steel cable

Materials Sterling silver , oxidised silver and 18ct matt gold


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A minimalistic Keops 3 Part Silver & Gold Pendant with three geometric pendants on a thin, stainless steel wire. Handmade jewelry from the MarCucurella studio in Barcelona, the pendants include a black metal triangle, a small 18ct matt gold triangle, and a larger silver triangle, positioned next to each other. The background is white.
Close-up of a person wearing a minimalist silver necklace with the Keops 3 Part Silver & Gold Pendant from MarCucurella and a thin, modern silver earring. The person has long hair and is wearing a black strap top, facing slightly away from the camera. The pieces are handmade jewelry from a Barcelona studio.
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