Kimana Necklace in Frosted Silver

Kimana Necklace in Frosted Silver

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Kimana pendant necklace in frosted silver

Available in three sizes.

Small: 10/7mm
Medium: 15/10mm
Large: 27/15mm

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Three necklaces with pendants resembling overlapping scales come in three sizes. The left Leoma Drew Kimana Necklace in Frosted Silver features a large oval-shaped pendant on a silver chain. The middle pendant is medium-sized on a black chain, while the right has a small oval pendant on a frosted silver chain. All boast a metallic finish.
Two people standing closely together. One has dark skin, a nose ring, and wears a Leoma Drew Kimana Necklace in Frosted Silver and black top, touching the shoulder of the other, who has light skin, short hair, and wears a frosted silver pendant necklace and brown top. Both look towards the camera.
Close-up of a person wearing a black sleeveless top and two Leoma Drew Kimana Necklaces in Frosted Silver, both featuring small, translucent pendants. The background is blurred with soft, muted colors. The focus is on the frosted silver necklaces and the neckline of the top.
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