Lattice Ring in various gemstones

Lattice Ring in various gemstones

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The Lattice Ring in silver & gemstones is a striking design crafted from latticed silver that is cool chic with a touch of modern flair. This unique piece stands out with its unusual design, making a bold statement that shows contemporary tastes.

It is available in plain sterling silver & with a touch of gold vermeil.

This ring is adjustable

Stone size: 8mm round

Sterling silver & gold vermeil.

The lattice pattern, intricately woven from fine silver, creates a fabulous visual effect that draws the eye and sparks curiosity. Its twisted structure exudes a sense of sophistication and avant-garde style, setting it apart from traditional ring designs.

What sets the Lattice Ring apart is its fusion of sleek simplicity and detail. The smooth silver bands intersect forming a twisting lattice that adds depth and dimension to the piece. Also these clean lines of silver come with the choice of a touch of gold vermeil.

This lends the ring a dynamic quality that captivates the imagination. And there is a choice of pretty gemstones in either plain sterling silver, or with a touch of gold vermeil.

Furthermore, its cool chic makes it the perfect accessory for those who seek to express their individuality with confidence. Whether worn as a solo statement piece or layered with other jewellery for a more eclectic look, the Lattice Ring in silver & gemstones adds a touch of modern elegance to any outfit.

Similarly, its unconventional design and modern appeal redefines contemporary jewellery, offering a fresh perspective on style and sophistication.


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A Lattice Ring in various gemstones by Gallardo & Blaine Designs in silver featuring an open, multi-band design with three gemstones: a purple amethyst, a smaller purple stone, and a round opal, all set in a vertical arrangement. The ring's bands are intertwined, creating a contemporary design that is both modern and artistic.
A Lattice Ring in various gemstones by Gallardo & Blaine Designs featuring three gemstones: a white opal, a blue topaz, and a clear quartz. The band has an open, lattice design with the stones set at different points across the layers, creating a contemporary and intricate appearance.
Close-up of a hand adorned with multiple Lattice Rings in various gemstones by Gallardo & Blaine Designs, featuring purple and white stones. The background is blurred, subtly showcasing the person's face and dark hair. The nails are neatly manicured with a natural polish, highlighting the contemporary design of each piece.
A Lattice Ring in various gemstones featuring an intricate multi-band design with gold accents, this piece showcases a contemporary design. Adorned with three gemstones: a blue gemstone at the base, a smaller blue gemstone on one side, and a round opalescent stone at the center, it perfectly blends silver & gemstones. Gallardo & Blaine Designsból
Close-up of a person’s face and hand. The person is wearing a Gallardo & Blaine Designs Lattice Ring in various gemstones—blue, clear, and gold accents—on their index finger. Their lips are softly closed, and the hand adorned with contemporary design touches their chin gently.
A stylish silver Lattice Ring in various gemstones by Gallardo & Blaine Designs featuring a contemporary, open band design with crisscrossing golden and silver bands. It is adorned with a blue moonstone and two purple gemstones, adding an elegant touch to its modern charm.
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