Mitsuro Silver Ring

Mitsuro Silver Ring

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This ring has been created by Abbie Dixon using the ancient Japanese technique of Mitsuro Hikime. Warm wax is quickly pulled and stretched to form the characteristic striations, before being cast in silver, by the lost wax method.

A weighty ring, the band is narrower at the back for comfort.

Details:Sterling Silver.

Medium Band Width approx 7mm at front and 5mm at back.

Wide Band Width appox 14mm at Front and 10mm at the back.

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A Mitsuro Silver Ring by Abbie Dixon with a textured, grooved design running horizontally around the band. The ring's slightly uneven surface gives it a unique, artisanal look reminiscent of a Mitsuro Hikime ring made using the lost wax method. The interior of the band features small engravings.
An Abbie Dixon Mitsuro Silver Ring with a wide band and a textured, layered design created using the lost wax method. The ring appears to have multiple thin, wavy layers stacked on top of each other, giving it a unique and artistic look. The silver has a polished finish, embodying the essence of Mitsuro Hikime craftsmanship.
An intricate and rustic Mitsuro Silver Ring by Abbie Dixon lies on a dark, textured surface. The ring features multiple layers of thin, overlapping bands that create a unique, woven appearance, reminiscent of the Mitsuro Hikime method, adding depth and character to its design.
A close-up of a hand with a sterling silver ring on the middle finger. The hand is resting on a dark surface, and the fingers are slightly curled inward. The lighting focuses on the Mitsuro Silver Ring by Abbie Dixon, casting a shadow on the surface.
Close-up of a hand with black-painted nails, wearing multiple stacked metallic rings on the middle finger. Among them, an Abbie Dixon Mitsuro Silver Ring catches the eye. The background is a textured gray surface. The rings appear to be different shades of silver and gold, varying in thickness.
Two Mitsuro Silver Rings by Abbie Dixon with a rustic, textured finish are placed side by side on a dark, textured surface. One ring is slightly larger and has a more pronounced, layered design reminiscent of the lost wax method, while the other ring is smaller with a subtler texture.
A close-up image of a Mitsuro Silver Ring by Abbie Dixon that appears to be 3D-printed with a rough, layered texture. The Sterling Silver ring has an uneven and unfinished look, showcasing the layers created by the 3D printing process. The background is a dark surface.
A silver cylindrical object with a ridged texture running horizontally around its surface, reminiscent of the craftsmanship found in an Abbie Dixon Mitsuro Silver Ring. The object has a hollow center and appears to be a sleeve or collar used for pipe fittings or other industrial applications.
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