Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks

Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks

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‘Ogive’ cuff links wrap around the edge of shirt’s cuff.

This is achieved with an innovative concept of a two part cuff link. The silver part in a shape of letter H goes through the button holes first. The aluminium part in the shape of pointed arch then clicks on to keep it in place and to provide the visual effect. Simple & effective, just as a good design should be.

Sterling silver, anodized aluminium

Dimensions: 15 x 28 x 18 mm

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Two modern, sleek Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas in a metallic blue finish are shown. Each cufflink has an arched design with a slot for holding pens. One is positioned upright, and the other is laid on its side, showcasing different angles of these innovative concepts.
A pair of Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas with a sleek, curved design. Each features a polished sterling silver bar running through the middle, providing a striking contrast with the vibrant red. The design is contemporary, minimalistic, and elegant—an innovative concept in accessory fashion.
A pair of Filip Vanas Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks. Each cufflink features a curved, polished bronze arch with horizontal sterling silver bars, creating an innovative concept that is both modern and sophisticated, perfect for formal wear.
A pair of copper-colored Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas featuring a sleek, modern design. One cufflink is positioned right-side up, showcasing its curved 'S' shape, while the other is disassembled to reveal the sterling silver locking mechanism. This innovative concept perfectly blends style with functionality.
A stack of colorful, modern, cylindrical metal Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas in various finishes, including blue, copper, gold, and red, beside an individual cufflink in black. Each clip has a sleek, minimalist design with a small cylindrical rod for fastening—an innovative concept akin to stylish cuff links.
Close-up of a person wearing a gray tweed jacket with black buttons, a white dress shirt, and sterling silver cuff links. The Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas have a modern, minimalist design and secure the neatly folded shirt cuff.
Image showing 12 aluminum color options, each represented by a sample curved strip: wine red, deep blue, orange, purple, yellow-green, turquoise, hot pink, jet black, light copper, champagne, charcoal grey, and mint green. Text at the top reads "Ogive Wrap Around Cufflinks by Filip Vanas with an innovative concept.
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