Ovio Necklace

Ovio Necklace

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Hand shaped pendant with shiny, curvy surface & matte finished back side.


- Pendant dimensions: 1.70cm

- Pendant weight: 2.00gm

- Chain length:45cm


- Solid 925 sterling silver

- 18ct Gold Plating

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A Bonvo Ovio Necklace featuring a twisted rope chain and an oval-shaped pendant with "NYO" engraved on it, crafted with 18ct gold plating.
The Bonvo Ovio Necklace with 18ct gold plating features a polished, irregularly shaped pendant hanging from it, displayed on a draped, white fabric background. The combination highlights the necklace's shiny, reflective surface and intricate design.
Close-up of a person wearing a white shirt and two gold chain necklaces. One necklace, crafted with 18ct gold plating, has a pendant with an abstract design, while the other features a face on a round 925 sterling silver pendant. The shirt is slightly open at the collar, displaying the Bonvo Ovio Necklace prominently.
A gold twisted rope chain necklace adorned with a small, polished oval-shaped pendant. This piece features an 18ct gold plating, giving it an elegant and shiny finish. The Ovio Necklace by Bonvo is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
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