Pernille Earrings

Pernille Earrings

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The Pernille Earrings are the most elegant and stunning earrings. Delicately formed of three round pearls set in a drop down frame. This style suits both dressier outfits as well as more casual ones. One of our most feminine and elegant styles. An effortless earring that instantly elevates your outfit in the most natural of ways.


Metals is 22 carat gold on sterling silver. All jewellery is hypoallergenic.

All jewellery comes boxed with care cards.

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The Shyla Pernille Earrings feature two large white pearls stacked vertically, each topped with a small pearl and attached to a 22 carat gold lever-back hook. Separated by gold wire, these elegant earrings reflect a classic and sophisticated design.
The Shyla Pernille Earrings are a pair of elegant earrings featuring 22 carat gold clasps. Each earring has two large, translucent green beads linked vertically, with a smaller matching bead connecting to the clasp. The overall design is simple and sophisticated, offering a refined aesthetic.
A pair of Pernille Earrings by Shyla in 22 carat gold, adorned with spherical white pearls, are shown on a textured, light-colored surface. Each elegant earring features two pearls of different sizes, the larger pearl hanging below the smaller one. The earrings are bathed in natural sunlight.
Introducing the Shyla Pernille Earrings: a pair of elegant dangle earrings featuring two green translucent glass beads of varying sizes on each earring. The beads are connected to 22 carat gold hooks with a smaller green bead near the clasp. These stunning earrings rest on a light, textured surface.
A woman with short brown hair and a serious expression wears a sleeveless, light-colored top. She accessorizes with elegant Pernille Earrings by Shyla. The background is plain and softly lit, highlighting her face and outfit.
A close-up side profile of a person with curly hair wearing elegant Shyla Pernille Earrings. The 22 carat gold double pearl drop earrings consist of two stacked pearls hanging from a small, delicate hook. The background is blurred, with subtle shades of blue and beige.
A woman with short brown hair wears a sleeveless cream top and elegant Shyla Pernille Earrings. She looks slightly to the side with a thoughtful expression. The background is a plain white wall.
A close-up of a woman with long dark hair tied back, wearing elegant Pernille Earrings by Shyla. She has warm-toned makeup with a gold highlight on her cheekbones and neutral lip gloss. She is wearing a thin-strapped top and looking directly at the camera.
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