Serena Earrings

Serena Earrings

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The Serena Earrings are a classic and elegant style which softly add a pop colour pretty colour. Formed of a circular and oval stone with a hand hammered setting. This style is ideal for every day wear. Feminine and soft, they are an essential to any earring collection. Available in Smoky, Light Blue and Citrine Yellow.


Length: 2.7 cm / 1.1 inch

Metal is 22 carat gold on sterling silver. All jewellery is hypoallergenic.

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Introducing the Serena Earrings by Shyla: a pair of elegant earrings featuring a two-tier design. Each earring has a round, clear gemstone at the top connected to a larger, oval-shaped, greyish stone encased in a hand-hammered 22-carat gold setting. The smaller stone is a stud, while the larger one dangles below.
Introducing the Shyla Serena Earrings: a pair of elegant 22 carat gold earrings featuring a round, clear gemstone on top, connected to a larger round amber gemstone below. The hand-hammered settings have intricate designs, enhancing the jewelry's luxurious appearance.
A pair of elegant Serena Earrings by Shyla featuring round, clear gemstones in 22 carat gold settings at the top, and larger, semi-translucent pale blue gemstones encased in hand hammered gold settings suspended below. The earrings have a simple yet sophisticated design.
A close-up of a person with fair skin and brown hair wearing Serena Earrings by Shyla, crafted from 22-carat gold with a hand-hammered setting and featuring a dark gemstone. The image highlights their glowing skin with natural makeup, focusing on their expressive eyes and the stylish earring. The background is neutral and softly lit.
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