Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit

Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit

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The Collective's Sister Company, Silver Works, 'The Experience Creators' brings to you their first ever virtual experience so that you can enjoy creating your own ring from the comfort of your own home!

Designed by Jewellers and Goldsmiths this Ring Carving Kit will supply you with the tools and knowledge to create your own ring!

Whats inside your Kit

1. Ring Box

2. 1 Wax Ring and 1 wax piece to practice on 

3. Emery paper

4. Double sided wax file

5. Wax Carving Tool

6. A password to your online tutorials

7. Ring sizer


Ring Sizing

Before you buy your kit its very important to know your ring size. If you know your size then great! If not then please visit our Ring Sizing Page and then add your ring size in the message box at checkout.

What is wax carving and how does it work?

For centuries, Jewellery artisans have been sculpting their own Jewellery designs from wax!

Once you have your kit and start your tutorial, our incredible Tutor will teach you, using different techniques, how to carve and file your design into the piece of wax. The wax is smoother and much nicer to work with rather than silver, the buttery material of the wax allows you to create textures and designs that you can't create with metal. The wax is more sculptural and organic and this is why this technique is often used within the industry.

Once you’re finished carving your design, it’s then ready to be cast!!


Return your wax carving to us and we will take your carving to professional casters who take a mould of your design. They then pour the silver into your mould to create your piece of Jewellery. (you can also opt for solid yellow, white or rose gold for an additional price)


The finishing touches

Once your piece is ready, we will collect it from the Casters and one of our Industry Experts will polish your ring and clean it up so that it’s ready for you to wear!

Once it's complete, it will be delivered by registered post to your chosen address!

Extra Wax Piece

You also have the option of adding an extra piece of wax for practising on with our options below


Gift box measurements: 24.5cm x 19.4cm Depth is 2.4 cm

If you have any further questions or queries please email 

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An image of a cardboard box with a bright and colorful label on top. The label reads "Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit." The background features an orange and purple abstract design, highlighting the expertise of jewellery artisans. Visit "" for your virtual experience.
Image of a Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit by Silver Works including a cardboard box, instruction booklet, blue wax ring model, small black box, blue carving tool, and a Multisizer ring sizing strip card. The booklet has a purple and orange cover with the text "The Experience Creators." Perfect for jewellery artisans seeking a hands-on or virtual experience.
An informational flyer titled "About Silver Works" with text in orange over a white and pink background. It details a jewellery business, its accolades since 2018, and promotes silver jewellery-making classes, the Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit by Silver Works, and an independent jewellery store in Dublin.
Three silver rings are arranged in a triangle formation on a black background. The rings have a polished, slightly reflective surface, and each has a unique texture: one is smooth, one is brushed, and one has a hammered finish. This composition highlights the expertise of jewellery artisans with the Silver Works - Ring Carving Kit by Silver Works.
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