Talún Triple Neckpiece

Talún Triple Neckpiece

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Sterling silver link neckpiece.

Textured individual links.

Can be worn together or separately.

18" chain length

Beautiful jewellery made by hand in Connemara.

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A sterling silver chain necklace featuring three interlocking rings. The rings are different sizes and have a polished, metallic finish. The largest ring has a wider band, while the other two rings are thinner. This handmade jewellery piece showcases a minimalist and modern design.

Introducing the Talún Triple Neckpiece by Lynsey de Burca.
A close-up of a person with short blonde hair wearing a Talún Triple Neckpiece by Lynsey de Burca, featuring two interlocking sterling silver rings as a pendant. They are dressed in a white top and a cream-colored knitted sweater. The background is blurry with hints of greenery.
A person with blond hair is standing in front of a field, wearing a white camisole and a cozy cream-colored knitted cardigan. Adorned with the Talún Triple Neckpiece by Lynsey de Burca, they appear serene, gazing slightly to the side with a neutral expression.
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