Two Tone Silver Wing Studs With Birds

Two Tone Silver Wing Studs With Birds

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Made from Sterling silver. Oxidised and then brushed back to create a beautiful contrast. These show up easily with all hair colours.

Available in three sizes


Small 10/11mm

Medium 20/18mm

Large 30/35mm


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A set of six Leoma Drew Two Tone Silver Wing Studs With Birds, each designed with a bird motif at the top. Available in three sizes, the teardrop-shaped hoops feature birds perched on the upper part. The earrings are arranged in two rows of three against a white background.
Close-up photo of a person wearing Two Tone Silver Wing Studs With Birds in three sizes by Leoma Drew. The earring is a large, black teardrop shape with a smaller black triangle at the top and features a white, cut-out bird design near the bottom. Crafted from sterling silver, it complements their short hair and multiple ear piercings.
A person with short hair in striking hair colours, wearing a one-shoulder black top, looks to the side. They have Two Tone Silver Wing Studs With Birds by Leoma Drew and a matching necklace in sterling silver, complemented by gold eye makeup. The background is a textured, light-colored wall.
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