Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings

Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings

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The bold yet subtle larger 10mm diameter black ball, that hangs freely at the back of the ear lobe, is 3D printed & complimented with a 6mm 14K Gold Filled ball stud. The 3D print has an almost leather texture with a graphic relief pattern and are very lightweight.

These earrings have been CAD designed in-house and 3D printed in a great durable, lightweight material called SLS Nylon. Its then coloured in a matt black with a skin safe dye. The ear posts. connecting ring and clutch backs are 14K Gold Filled metal.

They measure approximately 20mm drop x 10mm wide x 10mm deep

Care Instructions: The Gold filled stud should be cleaned with a dry jewellery cloth and the 3D printed part can be cleaned gently with a damp soft cloth and let dry naturally. The dyed nylon may slightly fade if scrubbed harshly. It is advisable to keep it away from any chemicals including household cleaning products or any skin products.

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A pair of small, 3D printed black Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings by Elsiem with 14K gold-filled backs and posts. The black portions have a spherical shape with a grooved texture. The earrings are displayed against a plain white background.
A pair of elegant "Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings" by Elsiem made of 14K gold filled metal with black, spherical, textured beads. The earrings have a classic gold post and butterfly clasp, resting on a plain white background.
A pair of black textured dangling earrings, made from lightweight material, is attached to a card displaying the brand name "Elsiem." The Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings have a spherical design with 14K gold-filled studs set against the plain white background.
Close-up of a person's ear wearing a 14K gold filled stud earring and Elsiem's Vibe 2 Ball Stud Earrings. The black earring, made from lightweight material, has a textured, segmented design resembling a small grenade. The background is blurred, focusing attention on the earrings.
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