Designer Spotlight: Rothlú

Rothlú Jewellery is made by Frances McGonigle, in the Ox Mountains, County Mayo, Ireland.

As Frances explains,

“My surroundings are full of textures and hues: my colourful lightweight jewellery is certainly inspired by all of these elements.”

Rothlú jewellery is patterned using Batik, Sgraffito and Shibori processes.

“We generally work with batik (using wax as a resist) on cotton/linens, and shibori (using clamping and pleating as the resist) on silk. With batik we use two techniques: tjanting- essentially “drawing” with wax, and sgraffito- where we scratch into the wax before applying dyes.”


Ezrine Batik Textile Necklace€37.00


“Sometimes we mix two or all these techniques into one piece. One thing is certain, these methods allow for types of dyeing that yield stunning colours: some intense and luminous, others gentler and softer. Our colour palette is always evolving!”


Beulah Batik Textile Earrings: €43.00


Shop Rothlú online and in-store at The Collective today.



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