Our Bespoke Service

Step 1


A bespoke jewellery service provides personalised and customised jewellery creations tailored to individual preferences. It involves collaborating closely with clients to design and craft unique pieces that reflect their style, personality, and vision.

Step 2


We encourage our clients to consider upcycling their gemstones. Repurposing gemstones involves transforming existing gems from old or unused jewellery into new, innovative pieces that reflect contemporary styles and personal tastes, fostering sustainability and sentimental value in the jewellery industry. This practice allows for the preservation of precious stones while offering clients the opportunity to create bespoke jewellery with a story, adding a unique touch to their collection. Alternatively, depending on the type of gemstone one is looking for, we may be able to ethically source them through our trusted suppliers.

Step 3


After your design concept has been solidified, our in-house Goldsmiths will begin working on your bespoke piece using 100% recycled precious metals.
It’ll be your very own bespoke token from right here in the Heart of Dublin.

Step 4


In 4-8 weeks, your bespoke piece will be ready for collection and presented in special packaging branded with our ‘The Collective’ logo along with instructions of how to care for your newly made piece and a lovely note from our in-house Goldsmith who had the honour of making your design vision come to life.

The finished piece should evoke a sense of pride and joy, serving as a timeless symbol of your story and the collaborative journey with our Goldsmith.

From our customers


Happy to say that proposing to my girlfriend (now fiancée) was a success and that the ring went down exceptionally well! :)

Kevin Reilly

I just wanted to let you know my Mum picked up the keyring this evening and they are absolutely beyond perfect. I love them so much and they will remain very very treasured.

Jennifer Reilly

Thank you for the beautiful pendants, they are loved by the recipients.

Sharon Brennan