Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings

Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings

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All Acrylic elements are hand-polished with a special attention to every single detail. All earring’s posts are made of 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece of our modern jewelry is carefully handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.


Dimensions :

H. 2.3/4" - 7 cm

W. 2 1/4'' -5,5 cm


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A pair of Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings by Alex + Svet featuring large, black circular bases with white rectangular posts. The minimalist design blends geometric shapes, with the white rectangles attached at the top of the black circles. Hand-polished and crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, these earrings are isolated against a white background.
The Alex + Svet Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings feature large white circular bases attached to bold, rectangular black studs. The earrings have a clean and contemporary design, combining geometric shapes and contrasting colors, all crafted from 925 Sterling Silver for a touch of elegance in modern jewelry.
A pair of Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings from Alex + Svet with large circular white pendants attached to rectangular black clips, set against a dark gray background. The minimalist design features a bold contrast between the black and white elements, crafted from hand-polished 925 Sterling Silver.
A pair of Anita Statement Acrylic Earrings by Alex + Svet lay on a dark surface. Each earring, featuring a large black circular component attached to a smaller white rectangular piece at the top, is connected by a small 925 Sterling Silver ring. These hand-polished pieces embody the essence of modern jewelry with their sleek, contrasting design.
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