Aqua Origami Parrot Earrings

Aqua Origami Parrot Earrings

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Material: Powder coated 3D printed nylon

Care: Do not shower with your jewellery on and avoid contact as much as possible with water, perfume, chemicals, sea water and cosmetics which could attack or damage your jewellery. 

When you are not wearing your jewellery we advise you to store them in their bags away from light and humidity (avoid leaving them in a bathroom!). Do not leave your jewellery in direct sunlight or near a heat source, as this increases the natural oxidation of certain metals and degrades the colour.

For the maintenance and cleaning of chains, hoop earrings and ear hooks, a soft, dry cloth or chamois cloth will be perfect, this will be enough to revive the shine of the gilding which patinates slightly over time.

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A pair of Tochu-De Aqua Origami Parrot Earrings with colorful parrot charms perched on a branch. The gold-tone hoops are designed to ensure oxidation prevention, and the parrots feature vibrant yellow, green, and blue colors. The earrings hang from a gold-tone earring stand against a white background.
The Aqua Origami Parrot Earrings from Tochu-De are shaped like parakeets sitting on swings. The parakeets, painted in shades of green and yellow, are meticulously crafted from 3D printed nylon sitting on circular gold hoops. The earrings hang from a white branch, showcasing their design against a plain background.
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