Blackthorn Leaf Pendant

Blackthorn Leaf Pendant

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This necklace is available in both sterling silver and oxidised sterling silver with gold leaf.

Cast from a real blackthorn leaf, but made thicker, giving this pendant a pleasant weightiness. 22ct gold leaf has been applied using the ancient Korean technique of Keum-Boo. The placement of the gold will be similar but not exactly the same as the photo.

Blackthorn (prunus spinosa) - Clouds of delicate white flowers appear on bare, thorny branches in early spring. The dark fruits, called sloes, are famed for flavouring gin. These shrubs can live for a hundred years.

There are many old stories regarding the blackthorn, particularly in Ireland. It is considered a symbol of protection and overcoming obstacles. In Celtic folklore blackthorn is associated with Cailleach, the goddess of winter, who emerges at Samhain (Halloween) to take over the year.

Sterling silver- oxidised, 22ct gold leaf

16” chain

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A black chain necklace with a Blackthorn Leaf Pendant by Abbie Dixon. The pendant features golden and silver highlights, possibly achieved using the Keum-Boo technique, with intricate details resembling veins and natural patterns found on a real leaf.
A Sterling silver necklace with a delicate chain and a Blackthorn Leaf Pendant shaped like a textured leaf. The pendant, crafted using the intricate Keum-Boo technique, showcases detailed vein patterns. The chain complements the design, giving it an elegant and natural aesthetic with rustic and earthy vibes. The Blackthorn Leaf Pendant is part of the Abbie Dixon collection.
An Abbie Dixon Blackthorn Leaf Pendant features a pendant in the shape of a detailed blackthorn leaf with prominent veins. The leaf pendant hangs from a delicate silver chain, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship against the white background.
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