Blackthorn Leaf Pendant

Blackthorn Leaf Pendant

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This necklace is available in both sterling silver and oxidised sterling silver with gold leaf.

Cast from a real blackthorn leaf, but made thicker, giving this pendant a pleasant weightiness. 22ct gold leaf has been applied using the ancient Korean technique of Keum-Boo. The placement of the gold will be similar but not exactly the same as the photo.

Blackthorn (prunus spinosa) - Clouds of delicate white flowers appear on bare, thorny branches in early spring. The dark fruits, called sloes, are famed for flavouring gin. These shrubs can live for a hundred years.

There are many old stories regarding the blackthorn, particularly in Ireland. It is considered a symbol of protection and overcoming obstacles. In Celtic folklore blackthorn is associated with Cailleach, the goddess of winter, who emerges at Samhain (Halloween) to take over the year.

Sterling silver- oxidised, 22ct gold leaf

16” chain

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Blackthorn Leaf Pendant
Blackthorn Leaf Pendant
Blackthorn Leaf Pendant
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