Ciorcail Large Hoops

Ciorcail Large Hoops

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Sterling silver hand-forged circle hoop earrings.

Easy to wear hoops.

High polish finish.

Circle 3.5-4cm diameter

Beautiful jewellery made by hand in Connemara. 

"Ciorcail" meaning "circle" as gaelige.

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A pair of hand-forged, sterling silver Ciorcail Large Hoops by Lynsey de Burca with a simple, sleek design. One earring is shown closed, while the other is open to display the clasp mechanism. The earrings have a smooth, polished finish and are placed against a white background.
Two Ciorcail Large Hoops by Lynsey de Burca, hand-forged from sterling silver, are displayed on a plain white background. The earrings have a small circular post for fastening and an open, slightly wavy design along the hoops, giving them a modern and artistic appearance.
A close-up profile view of a person with long blonde hair wearing Lynsey de Burca's Ciorcail Large Hoops, thin, sterling silver hoop earrings in their left ear. The background is blurred, highlighting the hand-forged earring and the person's smooth, light-toned skin and neutral expression.
A woman with straight, platinum blonde hair in a bob hairstyle is shown in profile, looking to the side. She is wearing a ribbed, light beige tank top and Lynsey de Burca Ciorcail Large Hoops sterling silver circle hoop earrings. A ring on her left hand, which is resting on the side of her neck, adds a touch of elegance against the plain gray background.
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