Dripping Ear Climber Earring

Dripping Ear Climber Earring

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Metal Colour Gold: Handmade in Sterling Silver and Coated with a Thick Layer of 18K Yellow Gold 

Available in a left ear or a right ear option

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A white background highlights a shiny, golden liquid drip reminiscent of 18K Yellow Gold, forming a unique, elongated shape with multiple bulges and two distinct drops at the bottom. The Dripping Ear Climber Earring by Marie June Jewellery appears to be suspended in mid-air.
A golden, sculptural wall piece with a sleek, melting design, featuring elongated drips that appear to be flowing downwards. The reflective 18K Yellow Gold surface enhances the contemporary aesthetic against a white background.

Introducing the Dripping Ear Climber Earring by Marie June Jewellery, an exquisite accessory that mirrors the elegance and modern design of a contemporary art piece.
Close-up of a person wearing a unique, Dripping Ear Climber Earring by Marie June Jewellery shaped like a lightning bolt in 18K Yellow Gold. The left ear and a portion of their natural curly hair are visible, and they are dressed in light-colored, silk-like fabric. The background is softly blurred.
A sleek, modern Dripping Ear Climber Earring crafted from 18K Yellow Gold by Marie June Jewellery features an abstract, fluid design. It's positioned diagonally against a white background with a hint of gray in the lower left corner.
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